Wholesale Brochure

Homemade Cakes, Traybakes and Muffins

Available as Vegan (V) & Gluten Free (GF)


Round Cakes - £15

2 x 8" round cakes, filled and decorated. 

Victoria Sponge (V,GF)

Vanilla Buttercream & Raspberry Jam 

Coffee & Walnut  (V,GF)

Coffee buttercream & Walnut chunks 

Chocolate Fudge  (V,GF)

Chocolate buttercream and Chocolate Chunks 

St Clementines  (V,GF)

Orange Sponge with Lemon Buttercream & zest 

Caramel & Pecan  (V,GF)

Vanilla Sponge with Pecan pieces filled with Caramel Buttercream


Loaf Cakes - £10

Blueberry Lemon (V,GF)

Blueberry Sponge with Lemon glaze 

Chocolate  Fudge  (V,GF)

Chocolate Sponge with chocolate chunks and topped with chocolate frosting 

Lemon Drizzle  (V,GF)

Lemon sponge glazed with lemon icing  

Almond  (V,GF)

Almond Sponge filled with raspberry jam and topped with  glace icing




£12.50 (15 - 24 portions)


Brownie  (V,GF) - gooey fudgy brownie 

Tiffin (V,GF) - chocolate, biscuit and raisins  

Rocky Road  (GF) - chocolate, marshmallows, raisins

Caramel Apple Nut (V,GF) - apples in caramel and nuts

Lemon Curd (V,GF) - short crust base with lemon curd topping

Muffins - £15

Blueberry Almond (V,GF)

Almond Muffin filled with Blueberries  

Lemon Cheesecake (V,GF)

Lemon Cupcake topped with Lemon Curd and then topped with Cream Cheese Buttercream and crumble topping 

Cherry Bakewell (V,GF)

Almond Muffin filled with Cherries and topped with Vanilla Buttercream and fresh Cherry 

Apple & Custard (V,GF)

Vanilla Muffin filled with apple chinks, topped with Crumble topping and filled with Vanilla Custard 

Chocolate (V,GF)

Chocolate Muffin filled with Chocolate Gananche and  topped with Chocolate Buttercream 

Biscoff (V,GF)

Biscoff Muffin topped with Biscoff Buttercream and a Biscoff Biscuit

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