You know when you go, what a great cake that would make!

And then you realise, that actually you hadn't thought it through very well. What's that phrase - Style before...............!

A lovely lady wanted a cake all in gold for her parents Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Yay, all gold dust floating round my house, will make a nice change from the Silver that's in the air.

I baked all the Chocolate Cherry sponges, carved them into shape and ganached them solid, these babies weren't going anywhere.

Let's start the fun part of the cake, building the stand with electric tools. I drilled holes, put a nice point on my centre rod, carved some polystyrene, made it all food safe and started building, the cake looked great, nothing fell off and it stood proud. I was extremely happy and proud of myself.

When you believe in what you do, it makes it so much fun to make and you enjoy every step of the way.

So, believe in yourself, your skills and your talent and you will overcome any doubt you have and remember to enjoy...........







Vicki Dowley