A bride was in need of some help.

Allergy to Real Flowers!

Panic not, here to save your day by providing a bouquet of sugar roses for the bride to walk down the aisle.

I love a bride with flair and when I was asked to provide multi coloured roses, I was ecstatic!

So from googling pictures of multi coloured roses, the above bouquet emerged from the pot of sugar paste I use.

With much patience (not one of my strong points) I created the centres and left them to dry for 48 hours ensuring I had hooked my wire and glued the wire in well, didn't want any of these rolling down the aisle!

Then I began the process of creating three petals at a time, setting them on the centre and again waiting for them to dry. After the had dried each petal was lovingly dusted and then the next layer was set upon.

In total it took 10 days to make these roses due to having to allow each layer of petals to dry before I could dust them. I couldn't wait to get to the end to see them all finished and put together xx